Hurricane Harvey image courtesy NOAA

Harvey Images

Harris County is asking for your photos, videos and information on flood levels inside structures damaged during Hurricane Harvey. We welcome your submittals. They will help us assess the damage to communities in our county. Your images, videos and information could be useful in that vital effort.

Please fill out the survey as completely as possible. DO NOT use this survey to request direct assistance or disaster relief. The agencies receiving your information do not have the capability to provide such relief. You may submit data from a smart phone, tablet or computer.

1. *First Name:
2. *Last Name:
3. Subdivision Name/Super Neighborhood (If known):
4. *Street Addess of Photos/Videos:
5. *City:
6. *Zip Code:
7. Phone Number (Area code-phone number):
8. *Email Address:
9. Did you have flood water in your home or business? (This is not water from plumbing or roof leaks) :
10. How high was the water inside your residence (IN INCHES):
11. Date water from Hurricane Harvey first flooded your residence:
12. Total days water was in your residence:
13. Additional Comments:

14. Upload your photos (JPG, PNG, BMP) or videos (MP4):

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